NHS Pension Calculators

This is where you will find several calculators to assist you in working out the payments and benefits that your NHS pension is associated with.

NHS Pensions

Please be fully accurate in your input to obtain the clearest possible results.

There are three calculators available:

  • The standard pension calculator shows what members of the NHS Pension Scheme (Amended April 2008) only can expect to receive in pension and lump sum when they retire.
  • The pension commutation calculator shows, for members of the NHS Pension Scheme (Amended April 2008) only, what they will receive if they choose to give up (or 'commute') some of their pension in return for a larger lump sum on retirement.
  • The additional pension calculator is for members of the NHS and New NHS Pension Schemes considering paying higher contributions in order to increase their pension when they require. It shows how much different levels of increase will cost.
NHS Pension Scheme Members Association - Chairman Dr. R. Vartikovski